Production Photos

Here are some pictures we took during the production. -Ben K.

July 2008
Writing the script

Building flats for the set. There are four in total, a thin board over a frame of wood.

Layers of cardboard, plaster and paint give give the flats depth (no pun intended.) Hieroglyphs are done
in sharpie and then paint. Below I apply plaster to a flat.

Decorating and distressing the column props.

I spread the over 100 pounds of sand out.

Dr. Edsip lies dead in the 'huge' burial chamber on the first short filming day.

On the main filming day the cast enters with props and costumes.

Various murder weapons sit on the table: a pistol, poisoned stew, masking tape.

The tent is a large sheet of white fabric hanging on poles held by the deck and two building toy tower supports.
Behind the cast is the beautiful Sahara.

Dylan applies make-up, getting ready to die of poison.

Dylan dies of poison. The umbrella is to protect the camera from rain although it started as shielding it from the sun.

Lorenzo and I act as Camilla films.

The burial chamber is set-up for the second time on the third day of filming.

Camilla Franklin and I rehearse for the fight scene.

I enjoy being shot as Camilla watches a previous take.

The flats are reconfigured for the entrance to the pyramid.

Camilla swings in front of the green-screen.

The fourth day of filming in scenic Cairo.


As Captain Bighey, I ride a camel, or at least the hump.

A miniature column was used for some of the shots in the fight scene. (The giant cat does not appear in the final movie)

Editing, from September to January. This is the most tedious part of the project but also very fun.

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