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Molly and the Masked Storm


  March 13, 2013 Update:

This is my 8th-grade visual-effects-intensive adventure/comedy. I filmed the summer before high school, then editing and effects unexpectedly took 14 more months. Itís screened at nine genre festivals including the 70th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) and the Boston Sci Fi Film Festivalís Steampunkíd division. Looking back, I learned: 1) creating a magic Victorian world with effects takes a lot of time 2) donít forget to think about what your story means before you film it.

Original description:

Set in a spectacular Victorian world of magic and masquerades, "Molly and the Masked Storm" follows the adventures of stage magician Molly Marlow as she struggles to protect the powers of Merlin from a horde of masked wind demons. Filmed in the summer between 8th grade and high school, the young cast brings drama and humor to remarkable locations found locally or ambitiously constructed in filmmaker Ben Kadieís backyard. To complete Benís vision, he added 14 months of intense editing and 3D visual effects work, bringing to life the filmís glass-shattering, roof-top-jumping fun.

Running time: 21 minutes 22 seconds.




Full Film






Morris Snevir (Felix Peaslee) and Serpeggiare (Ben Kadie)


Molly Marlow (Camilla Franklin) and the Stone of Merlin

Serpeggiare (Ben Kadie) at the Docks


The Grande Venisco Variety Theatre


Mr. Venisco (Dylan Forbes), Owner of the Theatre


Claude Altavue (Lorenzo Rossi) with His New Toy


Molly (Camilla Franklin) in the Trophy Room


Serpeggiare (Ben Kadie) and Molly Marlow (Camilla Franklin) near the Docks


Wind Demons Landing


Morris Snevir (Felix Peaslee) by the Windmill


Molly Marlow (Camilla Franklin) on the Roof


Production Photos
(also see More Production Photos)

June 6, 2009: Before production starts Ben creates prop swords, guns, and this stuffed bird.

July 22, 2009: Filming Days Begin


Also see: More Production Photos

Reviews and Screenings

Molly and the Masked Storm @ PollyGrind / October 11, 2012 / Las Vegas

AWARD: Best Under-18 Director

Summer Screenings at Comic-Con, Gen Con Indy, & WorldCon

July 8, 2012: This summer, Ben's unconventional films screen at three of the year's biggest fan conventions.

On July 15, Secret Club will play at Comic-Con International -- North America's largest comic book and popular arts convention -- as part of the San Diego International Children's Film Festival. Summer filmmaking will keep Ben at home, but his uncle Michael Kadie will be there, driving his world-record holding electric car, in part to get better parking.

On August 18, Molly and the Masked Storm will play at Gen Con Indy -- the largest hobby, fantasy, sci-fi and adventure game convention in the world. The father of lead actress Camellia Franklin, Jonathan, will also be there in Indianapolis promoting his well-reviewed new dice game "A Fistful of Penguins", published by Wattsalpoag.

Finally, on September 1st, Molly and the Masked Storm will play at Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon). The convention, started in 1939, is best known for the Hugo Awards to the year's best science fiction or fantasy novel.

Ben is grateful to all three conventions for the chance to reach an audience of enthusiastic fans.

Molly and the Masked Storm played at Hyart Film Festival on August 11 in Lovell, WY / Newspaper mention

Interview on Shriekfest Radio

May 24, 2012: Jaimee Lee from Shriekfest Internet Radio interviewed Ben for 40 minutes about Molly and the Masked Storm, Alone Together, etc. Shout outs went to Asher Jordan, Bria Lynn Massie, Northwest Seaport, SIFF & The Seattle Times, Seattle True Independent Film Festival, Noah Hirsch, Camilla Franklin, Lorenzo Rossi, Dylan Forbes, & Felix Peaslee. Last October, Shriekfest (The Los Angeles International Horror/SciFi Festival) named Molly and the Masked Storm the "Best Under-18 Film".

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival names Molly and the Masked Storm a 2012 “Best Winner

May 22, 2012: The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival names MOLLY AND THE MASKED STORM a 2012 “Best Winner”. The film was one of three winners in the Student Production High School division. Winners in other divisions include ADVENTURES OF TINTIN (Paramount) and GLEE: SEASON 2 (20th Century Fox). This was Benís third nomination and second award. Ben shot this film between 8th grade and high school and then worked more than a year on editing and special effects.

Official Review:

"This student film, by high schooler Ben Kadie, shows real promise. His makes good use of backdrops and simple special effects to create a mood that places you in a different time and place. The young actors' performances are enjoyable, even if they are not too believable. It doesn't matter. The mystery storyline comes complete with magic, masks, sword fights, humor and fantasy. The script could be a little tighter, the audio recording and lighting a bit better, but overall, it's an admirable job by a young filmmaker."

Molly and the Masked Storm @ The Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival / May 19
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention in Pasco, WA,  February 17-19th.
Home February 23, 2012:  37th Boston Science Fiction Film Festival has awarded MOLLY AND THE MASKED STORM an honorable mention. The film screened as part of the festival's new Steampunk'd division.
Feb 23, 2012: A review by Jay's Movie Blog offers both constructive criticism and "On the other [hand], the cast is junior high-school kids, which makes the not-inconsiderable number of things they do well even more impressive."
November 19, 2011: SECRET CLUB, MACK, and MOLLY AND THE MASKED STORM have won awards from The Young People's Film Festival in Portland. It is the largest and oldest regional youth festival for our area. SECRET CLUB will screen today at the Portland Art Museum as part of the Winner's program. The previous three years that I've had film in the Winner's program, I've very much enjoyed attending, but today we have two performances of the Laramie Project at school.
Molly and the Masked Storm Named "Best Under-18 Film" at Shriekfest

October 6, 2011: On Sunday, Shriekfest (The Los Angeles International Horror/SciFi Festival) held its awards show. For the first award of the evening, Festival director (and Hollywood actress) Denise Gossett announced:

"...[the] winner of the Best Under-18 Film goes to Ben Kadie for his film 'Molly and the Masked Storm'! Ben couldn't make it because he is 16-years-old and he lives in Washington. He made that movie when he was 14. He ROCKS. You better watch out for this kid." (YouTube 03:15)(photo)

Horror.com reviews Molly and the Masked Storm

Sept 20, 2011: Staci Layne Wilson of Horror.com reviewed Shriekfest film "Molly and the Masked Storm".

Excerpt: "... I must say… I was suitably impressed!" ... More >

Molly and the Masked Storm will show the Syracuse International Horror, SciFi, & Fantasy Film Fest, which is part of the Scare-A-Cuse Convention. It plays on Sept 10th at 3pm. Ben has a lot of family in Syracuse and did some of the film's editing there.

Marin County Fest Gives Molly and the Masked Storm Ten Screenings

"Molly and the Masked Storm" was awarded an Honorable Mention and will screen ten times at the Marin County International Festival of Short Film and Video. The festival, in its 41st year, is part of the Marin County Fair. Screenings take place daily from June 30, 2011 to July 4, twice each night.
kfff KIDS FIRST! selects "Molly and the Masked Storm" for their film festival of film festivals. This makes it eligible for more 120 venues nationwide that show films selected by KIDS FIRST! Two years ago, Murder at the Pharaoh's Grave went on to earn a KIDS FIRST! "Best Award" nomination. Last year, "Sparks in the Night" went on to win a "Best Award".

Molly and the Masked Storm to Premiere at STIFF

Update: Pictures

April 7, 2011: "Molly and the Masked Storm" will premiere at Seattle's True Independent Film Festival (STIFF)

  • Time: Fri, June 10 ∑ 7pm
  • Location: Northwest Film Forum ∑ 1515 12th Ave, Seattle
  • Tickets: $8/$10 [Buy]
  • [Facebook Invite]
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Molly and the Masked Storm and Mack win Scholastic Regional Gold Keys

Feb 3, 2011: The Alliance for Young Artists and Writers today awarded Gold Keys to two Slugco films. The award is the Alliance's highest regional honor. The Alliance has given awards since 1923 to teens such as Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, and Robert Redford. Last year, Sparks in the Night went on to win a national Scholastic Gold Medal and Murder at the Pharaoh's Grave went on to win a national Scholastic Silver Medal. Two years ago, A Friendly Game was the only middle school film to win a national Gold Medal. Students submitted a record-breaking 12,000 works to the region this year. Approximately, 2500 works from the region earned Gold Keys.



  •  Camilla Franklin - Molly Marlow and Many Others
  •  Lorenzo Rossi - Claude Altavue and Many Others
  •  Ben Kadie - Serpeggiare
  •  Felix Peaslee - Morris Snevir and Many Others
  •  Dylan Forbes - Mr. Venisco, El Capitano, and the Voices of the Wind Demons.


  •  Written Directed and Edited by Ben Kadie
  •  Costume Consultant: Nanci Vaeth
  •  Technical Assistant: Carl Kadie
  •  Music: Kevin MacLeod

Made Using Cinema 4D. With Thanks To: Archive.org for Archival Footage, Biomekk and zBlur 2, Cineform and NeoScene, Friesland AV and Camera Grip Tools, Jawset Visual Computing and Turbulence 4D, Kuroyume Products and interPoser, Red Giant Software and Magic Bullet.


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